What's this all about?


GuestChek.com has created the "VERIFIED TRAVELER" and "TRAVEL SCORE" to re-assure accommodation providers of a travelers authenticity and reputation as well as a reward for travelers who are frequent, respectful and courteous in their use of accommodation services.


Accommodation providers around the globe use TRAVEL SCORE to run background checks on arriving guests to both gain trust and to prioritise their allocation of complimentary upgrades and other discretionary advantages. Additionally, accommodation providers use TRAVEL SCORE to record problems they encounter such as;


1. Payment problems

2. Behavioral problems

3. Property problems

4. Unfair and damaging reviews

5. No shows


Travelers use TRAVEL SCORE to become a verified traveler and build a strong traveling reputation to enjoy the benefits that brings.

TRAVEL SCORE is a score out of 100 calculated by levels of verification supplied and scores received from places stayed. TRAVEL SCORE begins at a score of 25 and increases by 10 for each source of verification supplied and each recommendation received. TRAVEL SCORE reduces by 15 for each red flag received. A traveler will verify themsleves in up to five different ways; 


1. Confirmed email address

2. Confirmed phone number

3. Photo upload

4. Facebook login

5. Successful credit card payment.


For more information please email support@guestchek.com